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Opinion › You can't trust in the blockchain
You have to trust in the humans connected to it read more ››

Note › Errors when installing OpenStack Newton on CentOS7 with packstack
How to fix "Could not prefetch keystone_role provider - could not authenticate" read more ››

Note › Openstack neutron could not load ... InterfaceDriver warnings are.. mostly harmless
Unless they're a CRITICAL error, ignore the damn red herrings read more ››

Note › DRBD on RHEL/CentOS 6 fails to sync with UnknownMandatoryTag error
Because error messages just ruin the surprise!

Review › Why you suffer from "attention residue"
Do you find it hard to switch to a new task, leaving the previous task incomplete? There's a term for that, and it's got to do with how your brain works. read more ››

Opinion › The impotence of social media
Your tweet... is a fart in a crowded room read more ››

Note › Sabnzbd docker container updated, now includes sickbeard_mp4_automator
Easily post-process downloaded media for Plex Direct Play, subtitles, sorting, etc. read more ››

Howto › Export highlights and notes from side-loaded Kindle documents
Turn those highlights into something meaningful without text-formatting pain read more ››

Opinion › AWS in Plain English
What Amazon should have called all those services read more ››

Opinion › You don't learn from watching the news
Are you *really* better informed?

Opinion › Putting in extra work is lazy and makes you less effective
Think you're extra-committed by working late to catch up? It's actually self-sabotage read more ››

Postmortem › Manual processes fail to scale.
Puny humans are puny.

Postmortem › Don't let your judgement be clouded
Lessons learned from overreliance on cloud infrastructure

Opinion › Disaster Recovery success story for Westpac NZ
There's something satisfying about actually surviving the disaster you prepared for read more ››

Postmortem › Spacecraft and IT systems fail for the same reasons
Surprisingly common factors affect the failure of both read more ››

Opinion › How instant messaging makes my life miserable
The pros and cons of always-on instant messaging read more ››

Opinion › Lazy monitoring breaks stuff
Lack of planning in establishing monitoring can increase unreliability read more ››

Opinion › Speak to the face
How human connection improves company culture

Postmortem › Separate production and dev
VMs are cheap. Outages are expensive.

Opinion › Buy experiences, not gadgets
Your loot won't make you happy, long-term

Postmortem › Electricity is hard. Test failure rigorously
Opinion › Humanitarian aid should be open sourced
Free as in speech

Lesson › The importance of pre-proven communication channels during an emergency
Is anybody out there?

Opinion › How FaceBook avoids office politics
Management is not a promotion

Opinion › Why I won't post about my kids on social media
Kids don't appreciate your tweets

Opinion › Why you need a guest wifi
Note › Perl missing on CentOS 7 minimal install
Opinion › Book Review - Reclaiming Conversation - The Illusion of Multitasking
Opinion › Book Review - Reclaiming Conversation - Professional Development
Opinion › Book Review - Reclaiming Conversation - Family Development
Opinion › Book Review - Reclaiming Conversation - Personal Development
Howto › Allocate the same OpenVPN client IP across multiple OpenVPN server instances
Opinion › EQ (vs IQ) is important in tech leaders too
Assholery is not the only path to success read more ››

Howto › Deduplication with bacula using base jobs
Deduplicating common files across your bacula backups, using base jobs read more ››

Howto › Proxy one virtual host to another virtual host in Apache
Howto › Enable VLAN on WAN interface for Cisco SRP527W
Note › openssl-1.0.1e-30 broke sendmail, mysql on rhel/centos 5/6
Howto › Make mediawiki page names case insensitive, including semantic queries
Note › Automatically create VLAN bridge interfaces for KVM on RHEL 5-6
How-to › Merge git forked repo with upstream changes
Merging upstream improvements into my forked repo turned out to be easier than I expected read more ››

Project › Dockerized HTPC Suite (sabnzbd, couchpotato, nzbdrone, plex)
A "One Ring" to control a dockerized suite of HTPC apps, each in their own isolated container read more ››

How-to › Perform L3 adoption with UniFi Controller v4 (Dockerized)
Not quite as straightforward as it should be read more ››

Note › Activating Windows Server Evaluation
No, you can't just "activate" an Evaluation version read more ››

How-to › Addons to improve Thunderbird (and make it less annoying)
Opinion › IT Monitoring lessons learned from FCC report into 911 outage
Opinion › MacBook Air recommendation for cost-conscious newlyweds
Opinion › Do less to be more productive
Opinion › Engineers make poor managers
Opinion › Working late (consistently) is a sign of failure
Opinion › Bought a pebble watch, saved my brain
Opinion › In defense of traditional work-life balance
Opinion › Watching video is harder than reading
How-to › Automatically reboot multiple Cisco 79xx phones
Note › Grab any of Packts geekbooks for $10 until July 5th
How did I get here? › Stumbling into what you love
You can't be prepared enough for life before living it read more ››

How-to › Using a Foscam Pro and FI8909W as an iOS baby monitor
Opinion › Review of Packt Publishing's ESXi Cookbook
Opinion › Carving your own path
Opinion › Why financial incentives aren't the optimal way to motivate your knowledge workers
Opinion › Buy a watch, save your brain
Note › Making postie work with cron jobs, fails with wp-config.php outside of web root
Opinion › The illusion of speed
Opinion › Confirmation Bias
Opinion › On the joys of Actually Reading
Note › Restart VRRP on JUNOS to fix master/master issues
Opinion › What we imply to our kids by the way we live
Note › Copying SSH host private keys between JUNOS devices to when replacing hardware
Note › Importing existing RAID devices into new Linux installation
How-to › Sending tasks to via email
How-to › Monitoring OSX with Icinga / Nagios using NRPE
How-to › Monitoring Veeam Backup and Replication 7 with Icinga / Nagios
Project › Easy squid tricks and pranks with Vagrant
Note › Solving vsftpd's unsupported record version unknown 48.48 error
Note › Postfix config on OSX Mountain Lion (Server) not where you expect
How-to › How to setup a Tor Relay (and why you should)
Note › Allowed memory size of xxx bytes exhausted with WordPress on Debian
Note › Fixed Cacti not displaying interfaces for HP 1810G switch
Note › Workaround for the Cacti segmentation fault on CentOS5
Note › Clearing static nat on Cisco router
How-to › April Fools Pranks with a Squid Proxy Server
A comprehensive guide to PHPList v2 › phpList 2 Email Campaign Manager
Tired of an e-mail BCC list that scrolls off the page, or fiddly and hard-to-manage bulk mailing systems? You need phpList – a high-powered, robust, feature-packed mailing system that will get out of your way and get the job done! read more ››

How-to › Convert (liberate) Audible AAC files to MP3
How-to › Convert a .BIN file to .TRX for OpenWRT / DD-WRT
Project › WP-PHPList
While allowing individual IP addresses unrestricted access › Protect your website with htaccess
While allowing individual IP addresses unrestricted access

How-to › Generate logs from your jabberd2 server using Bandersnatch
Project › Bandersnatch - The Jabber Logger
The official user manual for a popular Jabber client authored with 2003-cutting-edge DocBook XML › JACJ Manual
In preparing an author bio (harder than it sounds!) for a PHPList book I've been authoring, I dug up this old copy of a JAJC (a win32 jabber client) manual I wrote in 2003, using Docbook XML. read more ››