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Introducing docker-htpc-suite, a set of automated / manual scripts to control an integrated set of “dockerized” HTPC suite of tools, including:

Quick Start (using docker-compose)

On a docker-enabled, host, clone the repo:

Then change into the working directory:

cd docker-htpc-suite

Edit docker-compose.yml, and change the media location folder on line 4.

Add a local user to the base docker host named “htpc” with UID 4242 (the meaning of 2 lives). Make sure this user has all the necessary access to the media folder location.

useradd -u 4242 -g 4242 -d /path/to/media htpc

Start up the docker containers by running docker-compose up -d

This will do the following:

Establish a data container for common data access to a path on your filesystem (/srv/data by default), belonging to the user “htpc” with UID 4242

Start each app container, creating a subdirectory in the current working directory for its persistent config (database, settings, etc), and linking /data to the data container

You can now connect to your suite on the following URLs:

  • sabnzbd : http://localhost:8080
  • couchpotato : http://localhost:5050
  • nzbdrone : http://localhost:8989
  • plex : http://localhost:32400/web/

Manual Container Management (without docker-compose)

For greater flexibility, you can also manually start each container. The scripts/ folder includes startup scripts for each container, which are intended to be executed from the main repo directory.

For example:

{% highlight bash %} ./scripts/ ./scripts/ ./scripts/ ./scripts/ ./scripts/ {% endhighlight %}

Planned Enhancements

  • Integration of container for rtorrent / rutorrent
  • Integration of container to run cron scripts against tools in suite
  • Integration of container for nginx configured to proxy each tool, so that only a single port needs to be exposed via docker for management
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