I just read through # How Facebook Tries to Prevent Office Politics, and noted the following:

We’re not so naive as to think we can change human nature altogether; where there are humans, there will be feelings to consider, and politics will crop up. But when we approach our interactions thoughtfully, a company’s culture can be a powerful antibody against destructive office politics.

Management is not a promotion:

At Facebook, moving into management is not a promotion. It’s a lateral move, a parallel track. Managers are there to support people and to remove barriers to getting things done ​

I like the concept of the “360-degree” review. Having just completed some peer reviews. It occurred to me that it would be useful to apply the same feedback process to managers.

As for reviewing performance, we have 360-degree reviews twice a year, meaning feedback on a person’s performance comes from all directions on the org chart. All managers are reviewed by their teams, and that feedback goes to the managers’ bosses.
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