I deployed Load-Balancer-As-A-Service (LBAAS) in my lab OpenStack deployment early on, and it worked (setup in Horizon) as advertised (load-balancing inbound HTTP connections to multiple docker swarm nodes), until I broke the stack by fiddling with MTU settings.

After this breakage and subsequent repair, the LBAAS didn’t work properly. Assuming it was something I’d messed up with my MTU schenanigans, I ignored it, setup round-robin DNS as a crude load balancer, and got on with my day.

Looking back now, I remember noticing at the time that a few of my running instances were unreachable, and quickly discovered this was because they had no security groups applied. Questioning my sanity, I reapplied the intended security groups, and the instances were reachable again. I reasoned that perhaps the dev environment (the unfortunate victim of my learning OpenStack) had somehow been running for some time with security groups disabled, and my recent work had restored correct function.

Tonight, working on a recipe for a Masari mining pool, I again banged my head against the Docker Swarm “mesh routing” ingress SNAT issue, which obscures the original source IP of all inbound traffic (not great for a mining pool which bans bad/misconfigured miners based on source IP)

Knowing that employing LBAAS instead of swarm routing mesh would solve this problem, I started reading up on debugging LBAAS, and stumbled across the (linked) instruction to apply a security group to the vip_port_id belonging to the Load Balancer.

Now, I know I had this working before without applying a security group. But I decided to test applying a group permitting HTTP ingress to the LB, so I ran neutron port-update --security-group sg_david.http-in c7c997e2-5fb9-4b5f-a6f8-679f3e8483bc.

Boom. Inbound HTTP load balancing started working again.

Befuddled but happy, I added another security group permitting HTTPS. Again, great success.

.. Until I re-tested HTTP, which failed :(

It seems as if it’s only possible to associate a single security group with a vip_port_id belonging to a load balancer.

My current solution is to create a single security group, permitting all the ingress ports I need, and applying that group to my load balancer.

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