Making postie work with cron jobs, fails with wp-config.php outside of web root

I use the excellent Postie plugin to post to this blog via email. I’ve been battling for days to get it to automatically check the mailbox for new message though, and while I still haven’t got it working using WP-Cron (WordPress’ “pseudo-cron”), I’ve finally managed to get it working via a direct cron job.

The illusion of speed

An excerpt from the excellent Farnam Street Blog (below). I’m trying to be more intentional about how I spend my time, and be more “present in the moment”. I especially liked the following, re the difference that it makes to slow down, not considering all hours to be equal:

Confirmation Bias

I read Shane Parrish’s mental model on confirmation bias this evening, and found it resonated with me. I’ve notice that once I’ve struggled with a decision and come to a conclusion, then I find myself coming up with more and more reasons why my decision was the right one.


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