Published and Upcoming


The following lists published or upcoming books I’m working on:

book – A comprehensive guide to PHPList v2

phpList 2 Email Campaign Manager

Tired of an e-mail BCC list that scrolls off the page, or fiddly and hard-to-manage bulk mailing systems? You need phpList – a high-powered, robust, feature-packed mailing system that will get out of your way and get the job done! read more ››

book – The official user manual for a popular Jabber client authored with 2003-cutting-edge DocBook XML

JACJ Manual

In preparing an author bio (harder than it sounds!) for a PHPList book I've been authoring, I dug up this old copy of a JAJC (a win32 jabber client) manual I wrote in 2003, using Docbook XML. read more ››

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