David Young
David Young
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Sad to see IBM reversing their position on the remote work thing (it didn’t save Yahoo after all), but not surprising (or negative) that old-school enterprise has old-school in their DNA.

IBM once heralded the savings and productivity gains it won from its “Mobility Initiative.” The company has also made untold millions over the past two decades selling software and consulting services, such as its Sametime instant messaging and voice products, to companies looking to support far-flung workforces.

Earlier this month, IBM touted research from IBM’s Smarter Workforce Institute that found “remote workers… were highly engaged, more likely to consider their workplaces as innovative, happier about their job prospects and less stressed than their more traditional, office-bound colleagues.”

But even as IBM was selling the magic of remote workforces to its customers, the company was dismantling its own “telework” program.

- IBM tells thousands of remote employees to come back to office or find new jobs