Gigabyte B250 FinTech PCIe slot numbering

In 2018, I bought the Gigabyte B250 FinTech motherboard, in order to power my budding crypto-currency mining empire (the wisdom of this plan is yet-to-be-determined). The motherboard supports up to 12 GPUs, but the ordering of the PCIe slots seems to be semi-random. After struggling to correctly identify which of my cards were addressed by which PCIe slot, I painstakingly mapped out PCI address to the physical motherboard slot.

This beautiful diagram is the final result:

Gigabyte B250 FinTech PCIe slot numbering

Some notes:

  1. There seems to be no slot 6
  2. I had performance issues on the GPU in slot 1 (the PCIe 16x slot) - this may be fixable in the BIOS, but since I have < 12 GPUs, I simply avoided using slot 1

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