Funky Penguin's Geek Cookbook

The Geek Cookbook is a collection of geeky “recipes” for running popular self-hosted applications on Docker Swarm or Kubernetes

I got tired of dealing with “dependency-hell” every time I reinstalled my home media server. On the most recent iteration, I decided to migrate all my self-hosted applications to Docker. I also wanted to open up the possibility of moving some of my self-hosted applications (e.g. NextCloud) into “the cloud”, given my home hardware has a limited lifespan.

Document all the things

As I learned, I documented what I was building, so that it’d be easily repeatable. I decided to publish my documentation in the form of a leanpub book, and also a free online version. This little documentation effort led to the creation of the geek cookbook, which has grown as my experience and skills have grown, to include Kubernetes, as well as a friendly community of like-minded geeks, who support me monthly, on Patreon (thanks guys! :thumbsup:)

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