For April Fools this year, I decided to update my 2011 squid prank, and gain some experience using Vagrant at the same time. I rebuilt the entire environment using a Vagrantfile, which permits anybody to check out a few files and reproduce it. See for the code.

As before, I invert the occasional image and change Googleโ€™s language to Klingnon (less effective now that HTTPS is common). Edit and let your imagination run wild


Brief summary is provided you have virtualbox and vagrant, establishing the VM with squid, redirector, arpspoof etc is automatically done using โ€œvagrant upโ€. The only prompt youโ€™ll get on establishing the box is for an ethernet adapter to used in bridged mode (to do the traffic spoofing / interception).

Refer to the README for more details on getting started.

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