We’ve recently deployed a Veeam Backup and Replication 7 platform, and needed to monitor the ongoing success of the backup / replication jobs. I identified a plugin which does most of what’s required, but seems to have 2 current shortcomings: 1. In-progress jobs trigger false warnings 2. Date calculation doesn’t always work, and produces false warnings

I made the following modifications to check_veeam_backups.ps1 to address these: Under

$status = $job.GetLastResult()


if($($job.findlastsession()).State -eq "Working")<br /> { Write-Host "OK - Job: $name is currently in progress." exit 0<br /> }

And then change line #59 from:

if ($now -gt $last)


if(Get-Date $now) -gt (Get-Date $last))

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