True story: I once walked into the Portainer offices wearing an eye patch and a pirate hat. Here's the proof (the pirate hat didn't fit very well):

Why? It's a longer story, but I'd contracted a viral eye infection thingy, making my right eye painfully sensitive to light (and white backgrounds). My only remediation (if I wanted to keep working) was an eye-patch, and so to attend a scheduled meet-and-greet with a related business, I drove up to Auckland with my kids' dress-up pirate hat, collecting a (rather ineffective) eye patch on the way.

It was during this piratey time that I developed a new appreciation for dark mode. What was previously a trendy theme / skinning look was now crucially important to me, and I invested in tools like to save me from the blast of white whenever I need a website (looking at you, 2019 GitHub!) which didn't support dark mode!

So I was particularly happy to read that my Portainer friends have now implemented a dark mode in v2.9, and here's why I think it's my fault...

Back in 2019, before the pirate incident, I was invited to present Portainer's RBAC features at an Auckland Docker User's meetup. Since I'd just introduced my kids to Star Wars, I naturally themed the presentation around the Star Wars universe. Behold all these storm troopers:

Docker RBAC using Portainer
I was recently invited by the Portainer team to speak at the Docker Auckland meetup, about the new RBAC extension for Portainer. RBAC is a standard feature of the super-expensive, super-enterprisey Docker Enterprise Edition, but if you want more than admin-only access to your Docker CE cluster, you…

See? As far back as 2019, Portainer was associated with the Dark Side. It's only natural, therefore, to conclude given the Star Wars RBAC demo, and my piratey presence, that Portainer's Dark Mode is 100% funkypenguin-inspired! ;)

(Hi Neil!)

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